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What steps are taken to sell a house in Scotland?

Posted in   Aug 31 , 2023

Selling a House and Home in Scotland

What steps are taken while selling a house?

Do you have any questions about the selling process or where
to start when it comes to your home? Here, the fundamental procedures for
selling a house in Scotland are looked at.

1. Obtain a home valuation

The first step in selling your house is to find out how much
it is worth. To find out this information and start the selling process,
arrange a free property appraisal right away.

In Scotland or Lanarkshire, agents can now visit your house
and provide a property appraisal by demonstrating a value for your property. If
you would prefer, our estate agents can conduct a virtual property appraisal in
order to provide a valuation without physically seeing your house. A property
value performed in person, however, is more precise.

Contact us to find out more about the valuation services the
company could offer.

2. To sell your home, use a real estate agent.

After requesting them to offer a property valuation in
Scotland or Lanarkshire, you must choose a selling agent to assist you through
the following parts of the selling procedure. A great way to assess what each
estate agency has to offer and their advantages is to have your home valued by
a few different agents.

Because Lanarkshire Law Estate Agents also has a sister
firm, Lanarkshire Law Practice, that offers all legal and conveyancing
services, they are able to handle the entire selling process, from marketing
the property to handling the legal transaction.

They also have a duty to provide you with the best customer
service they can and to be informed about any changes to the laws and
regulations governing the sale of real estate in Scotland and Lanarkshire.

3. Consider your lending options.

Before deciding to sell your home, it's a good idea to
evaluate your financial situation. By getting independent mortgage advice, you
can decide on your mortgage and the best options. We have a special
relationship with AL Mortgages, a Bellshill-based company.

4. Prepare your home for sale.

Before putting your house on the market, you should make
sure it is in the greatest condition possible.

If any modifications or repairs are required, get on it
immediately away! When viewing your house, attempt to put yourself in the shoes
of a potential buyer. Your agent can also provide you with guidance in this

5. Purchase a Home Report

Before putting your house on the market, you must have a
home report. Your agent will help make the necessary arrangements for the
surveyor who will carry out part of the Home Report's tasks.


A Property Questionnaire that asks general questions about
your property, a Single Survey that provides details about its condition, a
valuation and accessibility audit, and an Energy Report that rates your home's
energy efficiency are all included in the Home Report.

A surveyor will need to come to your home in order to
generate the House Report. To inform you of any additional health and safety
precautions they are taking in light of the coronavirus epidemic, they will
likely get in touch with you beforehand.

6. Hold Viewings

Potential buyers will visit your home once it is posted for
sale to decide if it is a suitable fit for them. Viewings can be done in two

7. Dates for Accepting Offers and Closing

If a buyer wants to buy your house, they will submit an
offer or a formal statement of interest. Your agent will represent you in any
negotiations on the selling price and other topics, such as the date of
entrance, whether you want to accept their offer or counter it. If they make an
offer, you have the choice of accepting it or making a counter offer.

A buyer formally expressing interest in a property and
requesting the opportunity to make an offer before it sells by submitting a
letter of interest. If one or more notes of interest have been made on the
property, a closing date may be set, at which point all offers must be

However, the legislation does not mandate that a closure
date be specified. Your lawyer can provide you with more advice in this regard.

8. What is the price of selling a house?

There are many costs to be aware of when selling a home in
Scotland, including estate agency commission or fees, additional marketing
costs, getting a Home Report, home repairs, and subsequent relocation costs.

There are two types of estate agent fees.

Fixed Cost

proportion of the sales price

These things must be considered when making a budget,
especially if you want to purchase a new house. You can use this to determine
how much you can spend. Your selling agent might be able to clarify the various
moving costs.

9. Is a solicitor required to sell a house in Scotland?

Yes, legal counsel is required for settlement and title

They promise to uphold your rights and ensure that all legal
criteria are met.

A conveyancing team is headquartered in the office of
Lanarkshire Law Estate Agents, which is a sister business of Lanarkshire Law

10. Property taxes in Scotland

Selling a home is tax-free, but paying Land and Buildings
Transaction Tax (LBTT), Scotland's equivalent of Stamp Duty, may be necessary
when buying one. The cost will depend on how much the property you are buying
is worth.

Your attorney can provide you more information and help you
determine how much this will probably cost you. Use our LBTT calculator to get
an idea of how much you'll have to pay.

Other typical queries

How quickly can my house be sold?

Your lawyer will be able to give you further details on this
subject. Different homes and locales have different selling times. To get an
indication of when goods are likely to sell in your area, use our explore
places tool or contact an ESPC representative.

Is it permissible to sell a house before paying off the

You can sell your property prior to paying off your mortgage
because you can utilise the funds to do so.

If you're on a fixed-term contract, you might have to pay
penalties to leave before the end of the term even though you might be able to
move your mortgage to another property.

It is advised that you speak with a trained independent
mortgage consultant or specialist who can help you decide what course of action
is appropriate for you.

Do you need a home report to sell a house in Scotland?

In most cases, it is legally necessary to acquire a Home
Report for a house in Scotland if it is known that it is up for sale. The
estate agent for your solicitor will be able to help you set up a Home Report
and walk you through the cost.

It might be difficult to decide whether to sell your house
before you buy or buy before you sell; each has benefits and drawbacks. You
should speak with your solicitor estate agent on the best course of action as
they will guide you through both the buying and selling processes.

Contact our Estate Agents today on 01698 441222 agent today
to get a free property evaluation and begin the process of selling your house sales@LanarkshireEstateAgents.co.uk

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