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Tips to help keep your pet calm on Bonfire Night

Posted in   Aug 31 , 2023

One of the highlights of our  work is getting to meet all of our clients' furry friends. Our pets give us unconditional love and companionship so naturally we all want to do everything we can to protect them from being scared and distressed.

Every year, Bonfire Night brings delight to adults and children alike all over the country as the loud whizzes, bangs and flashes of colour in the sky amaze and enthral. Our furry friends however are much less enamoured by the sight and sound of fireworks exploding in the sky. For those of us who have to witness our beloved pets in distress, it can be a less than enjoyable evening. 

There are a few things that you can do to help your pet to cope with the anxiety that fireworks can cause them. 

CATS Protection has issued the following advice:


A selection of their favourite long-lasting treats, given before the fireworks displays begin, can sometimes provide enough of a distraction to stop them from noticing the start of the noises. Even if they do not distract them for the whole of the display, any reduction in the time that they are distressed for is better than none.

Safe Place

Cats may feel reassured by having a cosy space in which they can curl up. If their bed has open sides then consider lining a cardboard box with towels and blankets for them to sleep in. Many cats feel safer when they are up high so placing this box on a shelf may increase their feeling of safety.


Classic FM will be playing their pet classics, calming music specifically selected to try to help you and your pet stay relaxed, from 6pm to 10pm on Friday 5th November and Saturday 6th November. Turn it up, lay back and enjoy. 

Battersea Dogs Home has this advice to add:

Stay Calm

Our pets are very sensitive to our emotions. If they think that you are anxious then they will be anxious too. Stay calm and reassure them in your most relaxed tones so that they can pick up from your body language and voice cues that there is nothing for them to worry about.

No Evening Walks

Make sure that you are home from your evening walk before it goes dark so that your dog isn't upset by any unexpectedly early fireworks. 

Draw your Curtains

Protect your pets from seeing the flashes from the fireworks by drawing your curtains. Having your curtains drawn can also help to muffle the sound from the fireworks. 

Let Them Roam

Confining a dog to one room when they are used to roaming your home can increase their distress. 

we hope that these tips help you and your furry friends to have an enjoyable and distress-free Bonfire Night.

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