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Selling Your Home In a Day?

Posted in   Aug 31 , 2023

So often we read about properties selling in one day or record prices being achieved after just 48 hours of marketing. As much as this may appear to be fantastic we are in a unique market just now.

In some circumstances selling in a day is the best option for the seller. We aim to ensure all our sellers achieve the best outcome. Is selling in a day really going to achieve this?

Selling your property to the first person that has offered may leave you wondering "Could I have got a better price?"

Property platforms and social media

Has the home been appearing on all the property platforms and social media long enough to reach a full buying audience?

Our clients properties are showcased on as many property and social media platforms possible. If there are 6 potential buyers after one day of viewing imagine the outcome after 3 viewing days.

The number of buyers are massively outweighing the number of houses for sale. Make the most of this and ensure your property achieves the best price possible.

Have all potential buyers viewed the property?

Make your estate agent work for you!

It is important that you are comfortable with the selling process and we appreciate that numerous days of viewing can be tiring for the seller.

Whether you want to make yourself scarce and let us do all the work or get knees deep in viewings the choice is yours.

Get the best price for your home by giving potential buyers the opportunity to view.

With buyers outweighing sellers you are more likely to have more people looking to view your home, which most often than not results in more people offering to buy your home. If you have several parties interested you can set a closing which encourages buyers to go in with their best and final price, meaning you get the best outcome.

If you would prefer to be present when the viewings are taking place that can also be arranged. We also don't charge an extra fee for accompanied viewings.

Closing date

This is simply the date set by the seller and their Estate Agent for any buyers interested in making an offer. You would set a closing date once a property has more than 1 buyer wishing to offer.

All interested parties will be invited to bring their best and final bids to the estate agent before the closing date. As all bids are blind, the buyer generally bids high to be in the best position to secure the purchase.

It is the fairest way to settle competing offers and the benefit to you, the seller.....you will achieve a far higher price.

Get the best price for your home with Lanarkshire Law Estate agent

Selling your home doesn't have to be stressful.

We work hard to take the stress out of selling your home from the very beginning.

Our passion is to do all the hard work so you don't have to!

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