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How can sellers make the most of the Summer rush?

Posted in   Aug 31 , 2023

Summer is a great time to sell your property. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Summer galvanises homebuyers as they realise that if they wish to be in their new homes by Christmas they need to find their new home fast. So what can you do to take advantage of the busiest period of the year for the housing market?


You don't have to press pause on selling your property just because you are on holiday. If you are happy for your estate agent to conduct viewings in your absence then you can just leave them a key and let them get on with it. You can decide if you'd like them to call you and tell you about any offers that have been made while you are away or if you would like them to wait to tell you until you get home.

Alternatively if you would prefer for viewings to be done when you are around but think having them scattered throughout the school summer holidays will be a bit too stressful why not talk to your estate agent and ask if they can arrange for them all to happen on a few set dates.


The summer holidays are busy for estate agents and even busier for parents. If you are concerned about being able to manage keeping your home ready to view while your children are at home try involving them in the task. Talk to them about why you are moving and the advantages of doing so and encourage them to take on the responsibility of keeping an area, like their bedroom, clean and tidy. If you need to bribe them with extra pocket money or treats <> promise no-one will think less of you!

Outdoor areas

A survey by financialreporter.co.uk revealed that a garden and/or outdoor space was at the top of 92% of homebuyer's wishlists and Summer is the perfect time of the year to show off yours. So make sure that your garden is looking its best by keeping paths weeded, hedges and lawns trimmed, and that you take advantage of summer blooms to fill your garden with bright and welcoming colour.

It doesn't take long for a lawn to get out of hand or for weeds to start to encroach on your flower borders so if you are going on holiday and will be away for more than a week consider employing a gardener to keep on top of it while you are away. This is a particularly good idea if your estate agent will be conducting viewings while you are away.


Have you already accepted an offer and don't want your holiday to delay or derail your sale? If you are happy for a surveyor to come round while you are away then make sure that you leave a key with your estate agent for them to pick up. This can avoid any delays with your buyer's mortgage application and help to make sure that both you and your buyer can be settled in your new homes by Christmas.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to sell your home in Lanarkshire this Summer so that you can be in your new home by Christmas please give us a call on 01698 441327.

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