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Five signs that it's the right time to downsize

Posted in   Aug 31 , 2023

People downsize for a variety of reasons. Downsizing is selling your home in order to buy a smaller one. If you are thinking about downsizing but are still not sure whether it is the right decision for you we have rounded up the top five reasons that people downsize below.


Larger houses require more work to maintain them. This isn't just limited to repairs but also weekly cleaning and basic upkeep. Maybe you are finding that you are not as mobile as you used to be, or that your priorities have changed and you would rather spend more time with family and friends rather than maintaining your home. Choosing to downsize can reduce the amount of maintenance that you have to do, freeing up your time to do more things that you enjoy.


As families grow they need more space so over the years you will probably have moved several times to accommodate your growing family. However, once your children have grown and flown the nest you may well find that you feel like you are rattling around in a big empty home with lots of unused bedrooms. If you have more rooms than you know what to do with then it may be time to consider downsizing.


Is maintaining your home taking its toll on your health? Or maybe you have developed some mobility issues and even with adaptations you are finding it difficult to cope with moving around in your home. A smaller property is not only easier to maintain but many people choose to downsize into a home with no stairs to assist with or prepare for potential mobility issues.

How does your home make you feel?

You should feel happy, safe and comfortable in your home. If these are not the feelings that your home elicits from you then you should definitely be considering moving. This is particularly true if being in your home makes you feel sad, lonely or scared. While moving will not automatically solve all of your problems, a fresh start in a new community may give you the opportunity to make new friends and feel safer.


The larger the property, the bigger the bills. The sharp increases in energy bills and the rising cost of living may be making you consider downsizing to reduce the size of your bills and make your monthly outgoings more sustainable. Alternatively if you have recently retired or if you or your partner have started to reduce your working hours then you may quickly find that your outgoings have started to outweigh your incomings. Downsizing can help to make your bills more manageable.

Choosing to downsize can be an emotional decision. If you would like to have an honest and sympathetic discussion about whether downsizing is right for you please give us a call on 01698 441327.

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