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Fall in love with your home this Valentine's Day

Posted in   Aug 31 , 2023

The most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us. Love is in the air and all around us are happy couples preparing to celebrate their love.

I would like to talk about a different type of love, the love you have for your home. Just like our relationships with our partners, the relationship we have with our homes goes through stages.

  1. First meeting someone you like is the same as the first viewing of a property. 
  2. You then progress to asking them on a first date, which is like making an offer.
  3. Courting and finding out more about one another is the same as the paperwork side of things the solicitors deal with.
  4. The honeymoon period is when everything's glowing and rosey. You're completely in love and showing off your home to all your family and friends.
  5. After a while though, you might start getting a bit complacent, taking your home for granted. 
  6. You may even feel bored and no longer enjoying the time you spend in your home.
  7. Your eye may start to wander as you start noticing other homes...
  8. Then you may decide to sell your home, which could be seen as the equivalent of a break-up.

If your relationship with your home has hit the complacency or boredom stage, maybe it is time to freshen up your relationship by making some changes that will benefit you both.

Whether you rearrange furniture, declutter your house, or commit to completely redecorating, changes, big or small, can help you fall back in love with your home.

If, after making some changes, you still believe that your relationship with your home cannot be saved, you will at least know that you have maximised your profit if you do decide to break up (sell).

Estate agents are the matchmakers of the property world so if you and your property have reached the end of your relationship, we will gladly help you to handle your break-up with empathy and sensitivity.

We can handle the dates (viewings) of your home with potential new owners and provide you with any constructive criticism, saving you from having to hear if the viewers simply didn't like your taste in sofas.

Once a potential buyer progresses to a second date (second viewing) we can handle all their queries and help them to decide whether your property is the right match for them.

Love cannot be rushed. Some people place an offer on a first viewing, "love at first sight". Some people want to see it six times before they decide to make an offer, a perfect example of how love can grow.

We can help guide you through the property selling process. No matter how lucky or unlucky in love you are, we will find your home its perfect person/people.

One thing is definitely true. If you instruct us to find your property the perfect new owner, you will fall head over heels with our  service and care.

If you are ready to break-up with your property and you would like to put it on the market give us a call on 01698 441327 or send us an email to sales@lanarkshireestateagents.co.uk and we will make sure that your property finds someone who will love it as much as you used to.

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