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8 Staging Tips for Selling your Property

8 Staging Tips for Selling your Property When we talk about 'staging' your property, we really do mean shining a spotlight on it. But that doesn't mean you have to going to go all glam with gold mirrors and other bits of bling all over the place. Quite the contrary - a room should be in neutral shades and at the same time appear smart and homely. The intention being that any prospective buyer who comes along will want to move in right away. The reason property should always be staged are many. And that means if you've already moved out and taken your furniture with you, then it may be worth the cost of getting in a professional staging company. That's because: A staged room feels inspiring. An empty room looks just that - an empty room. It's cold and inhospitable. And that hardly makes it inviting for any buyer who comes along. Instead, by putting some smart but distinctly neutral coloured furniture in, a bright rug, some flowers, a plant or two and blinds or curtains up, it starts to feel like a home. And buyers find it easier to start imagining their own furniture in there. A staged room appears larger. That's because furniture provides a 'reference point' for the potential buyer. They can tell how big a bedroom is with a double bed in it, for instance. That way they'll also know if their bedside cabinets will fit in etc. Incidentally, an empty room doesn't just seem smaller, it will also show up any cracks and other faults more clearly! So, what are those home staging tips we talk about in the title of this article? Well, here are some right here: Look on the bright side. Get as much daylight into your rooms as possible. That way your home will feel larger and more open. Roll up the blinds, pull back the curtains and put a lampshade into any dark corners to 'open' them out. 'Float' the furniture. No, we don't mean sit your sofa in water. Rather, this is a particular design technique that involves pulling the sofa, chairs and tables etc away from the walls. You can then anchor the space with an area rug to create a cosy area for sitting around chatting. Remove the big pieces. If you've acquired so much furniture over the years that, even in your own eyes, the place seems pretty crowded, then put some of it in storage. It'll only be for a month or two (hopefully) until you sell. Declutter Marie Kondo style. Anything you haven't used for a year or so, chuck it in the bin. Why drag it along to your new place to get covered in dust there too? Make a fresh start! Clearing out the clutter will also make your property more attractive to buyers. Go for kerb appeal. If you're fortunate enough to have a house with a garden, then make sure it's tidy and attractive. You'd be amazed how many sellers turn up, see a messy garden, dirty windows or a front door that needs painting and just keep on walking past. And then there is literal kerb appeal... if you have a parking space outside your property then wait until five minutes before your buyers are expected and park your own car around the corner. That way, if they arrive by car your buyers will get parked easily, putting them in a good mood for viewing. Having to park in a neighbouring street may very well put them off your property. Keep it clean. It should go without saying that your house should be pristine from top to bottom. But, remember too that even though you are used to it, your buyers may not appreciate your dog's odour. So, use pet freshener and remove him or her from the property if you're still living there at the time. It's the little touches... Make sure there's apples etc in the fruit bowl, set out some fresh flowers, new soap and scented candles and always have fluffy freshly-laundered towels in the toilet. It's often the little thing that buyers love and remember. Get in touch Looking for advice or help in selling your home? Then get in touch today, tel 01698 441327 or email sales@LanarkshireEstateAgents.co.uk https://youtu.be/AxKKKgNfMdA

31 Aug 2023


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