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Getting your property market ready

Many sellers put off tackling jobs around their homes as they believe that buyers like to change things when they move in. However, this is a false economy that may both delay your sale and affect the price that you get for your property. There are people who are looking for a fixer-upper but they expect their willingness to spend time doing up the property to be reflected in the price of that property. A run-down property can also give the impression to potential buyers that you do not take care of it and will leave them wondering what larger problems are lurking unseen. So if you would like to get the best possible price for your property it can pay to tend to any odd jobs before you put it on the market. Kerb appeal The exterior of your house is the first thing potential buyers see and first impressions matter. Make sure your front door is free of any dents and that the door handles are in good condition. Make sure your front garden is tidy and that the latches and hinges on any gates are well-oiled and in full working order. Ensure that your roof doesn't have any broken or missing tiles. Interior Repair any nail holes in your walls and if they are looking tired consider treating them to a fresh coat of paint. Make sure your flooring is in good condition, and replace chipped or cracked floor tiles and any damaged carpet. If you have pets, having your carpets steam-cleaned can be a great way of freshening them up. The right lighting can make even the smallest home appealing so take time to make sure all of your lightbulbs are working and fix any broken light fittings. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms for potential buyers to upgrade so it is no coincidence that updating them can have the greatest effect on your property's value. However, you don't need to install a completely new kitchen to make a difference. Fixing leaky taps and running toilets and ensuring built-in appliances are working properly can sometimes be all that is needed to spruce up your bathrooms and kitchen. Garden/Outdoor area Clear away any broken items like cracked plant pots and fix things like broken panes of glass in your shed. Living in our homes day in, and day out we can often become blind to small things that need fixing but, potential buyers who are looking at your home with fresh eyes will notice them. Asking a good friend or family member to take some time to walk around your property and point out things you may have missed can be invaluable. Alternatively, we are always happy to come and give you some advice on how you can ensure that your property is market ready, just give us a call on 01698 441327. If you don't have time or feel up to fixing issues yourself we have a list of trusted local handymen we can recommend.

31 Aug 2023

How to make the most of your outdoor spaces in the Winter

Even in Winter you can make the most of your property's outdoor space and getting on top of small jobs now means that it will be ready for you to enjoy in the sunshine whenever it arrives. Weed and tidy up The first step towards making your outdoor space attractive to potential buyers is to make sure that it is clean and tidy. Tidy up any areas that have become neglected, remove any weeds and neatly trim any grass. Remove moss from paths, sweep up leaves and clean outdoor furniture. Add some colour We think of Spring as the time that our gardens come to life and colours bloom. However, there are lots of plants that bloom happily during the winter and can add colour and fragrance to your garden. A combination of colourful pots and some Winter flowering plants can really brighten up your space, especially when contrasted against green evergreen bushes.  The following are a selection of our favourite winter flowering plants to brighten up your garden or outdoor area:  winter cherry witch hazel early flowering daffodils winter honeysuckle Christmas rose pansies daphne  snowdrops  and winter clematis. Area to entertain Whilst socialising in the garden has traditionally been a summer activity, the pandemic has meant that more and more of us are choosing to create areas that are suitable for socialising outside all year round.  A suitably-placed fire pit or chiminea can provide essential warmth on cold evenings. A gazebo can provide both shelter from the sun in Summer and rain in the Winter. The addition of a few fairy lights, blankets and waterproof cushions can create an enviable space for you to enjoy and for prospective buyers to desire. Tidy up your outbuildings As the first chill of Autumn settles over our gardens it is tempting to simply throw garden furniture, toys and other summer accessories into our sheds and other outbuildings and close them up until next year. If you are trying to sell your property it is important to remember that these outbuildings are a part of the property that you are trying to sell so should be as tidy and as well maintained as your house in order to maximise your sale price.  Take the opportunity of a quiet weekend in January to sort through these outbuildings, declutter if possible in order to create the impression of space. If any maintenance is required, for example a new coat of paint or fixing a window, it is a good idea to sort these before potential buyers view your property. Attract wildlife During the cold winter months when their food sources become scarce our local wildlife really benefits from a helping hand from us. As their natural food sources decline in Autumn and Winter birds are more likely to visit bird tables or bird feeders than at other times of the year.  In return for a ready supply of nuts and seeds they provide us with a colourful and entertaining display as they flit around our gardens. Bird feeders ensure we can enjoy this display from inside our houses as well as outside and the feeders themselves can also be an enjoyable decorative addition. If you would like more advice on how best to present your outdoor areas to potential buyers during the Winter months please do give us a call on 01698 441327.

31 Aug 2023

The top ten features people want in a home in 2023

These are the top 10 things that homebuyers are prioritising in their property searches in 2023. Open plan living The versatility offered by open-plan living and the existence of a large communal area that is perfect for both gatherings and busy family life are highly sought after by buyers. Home Offices Working from home is no longer unusual, and as a result, many buyers place a lot of value on having an office space that is separate from the rest of the home. Modern Kitchens Efficient, sleek, and modern kitchens have been topping buyers' must-have lists for several years now. A Pantry Space is important to buyers. Pantries offer the ability to create space in the kitchen by storing everything you need there. They are perfect for stashing away a large weekly shop or for hiding bulk buys with ease. Kitchen Islands Kitchen islands are high on many buyers' lists of things they want because they add extra counter space, storage, and a nice focal point. Storage Buyers are looking for properties that feel spacious, and storage is key to this. Ample built-in storage is very attractive to buyers. Hardwood Flooring Durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting, it is easy to see why hardwood floors are popular with buyers. Outdoor Entertaining Areas Since the pandemic, buyers have placed a premium on socialising spaces, and outdoor gathering spaces are especially popular. Garages/outbuildings After the pandemic, buyers have become much more interested in having enough space at home to do do-it-yourself projects or just store their things without them getting in the way of their living space. Going Green Energy bills are going up, the cost of living is going up, and people are becoming more aware of how they contribute to climate change. This means that homes with EPC ratings of C or above are getting more attention from potential buyers than homes with a big carbon footprint. If you are thinking about putting your property in Lanarkshire on the market, please call us on 01698 441327 or sales@lanarkshireestateagents.co.uk and we will be delighted to come and give you a free no-obligation valuation.

31 Aug 2023

11 tips to help you sell your property

Selling your home can be made easier by following these eleven simple tips. Declutter We all have excess stuff laying around and hidden in the nooks and crannies of our homes. Getting rid of this, or even just putting it in storage, can have a huge effect on how spacious your home feels. Consider getting rid of bulky furniture, as it can make a room feel smaller than it is. Revitalise A lick of paint is one of the cheapest ways to revitalise and reinvigorate a property. Don't forget the front door. Remember, first impressions count.  Repair Unattended minor repairs can cause concern for potential buyers because they may believe that if you neglect minor repairs, you will also neglect larger maintenance issues.  Clean Dirty homes feel uncared for and can create the same impression as unattended repairs: that you haven't been looking after the property. Remove limescale, clean skirting boards, and scrub all of your surfaces until they shine. When you are selling a property, aim for a showhome look, not a lived-in look.  Kitchen Per square foot, your kitchen is the most valuable room in your property. If your kitchen is looking tired and outdated, then it is definitely worth taking a bit of time to update it. If you can't afford to replace the cabinets, then consider painting them in order to give your kitchen a low-cost makeover. Light Light and airy homes are always more attractive than dark and dingy ones. Make sure that all of your light bulbs are working. Clean the windows to let as much natural light in as possible. Consider putting some carefully placed mirrors on the wall to bounce light around the room. They can also help to create the optical illusion that a room is bigger than it is. Garden If you have a garden or outdoor space, remember that that is part of the property you are trying to sell, and the state of it can make or break a viewing. Cut back overgrown bushes, mow the lawn, clean the patio or decking area, and make sure that your garden furniture is in good condition. When you sell a property, you are selling a lifestyle. No one wants to imagine themselves spending long summer days in a garden that is overgrown and neglected. Smell A bad smell will put off most buyers. So find the source and eliminate it. Make sure your bins are empty and dirty washing is dealt with; even when hidden away, it still emits an odour. If you would like to fill your home with a pleasant scent after removing bad odours, then simple scents like vanilla, cinnamon, or citrus are the most popular among potential buyers. Trying to mask a bad scent with another simply results in a mix of scents, which can be very unpleasant.  Fire On cooler days, light your fire to make your property warm and welcoming. The rising cost of energy has made working fireplaces more attractive to buyers, so having yours lit is a great way to show it off. Plants The nation's obsession with biophilic design does not seem to be abating. The idea that humans possess an innate desire to seek a connection with nature is embraced through the integration of nature into interior design. Whether you choose to bring flowers or plants into your home, their presence can bring both colour and life to a room and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Agent Choose Lanarkshire Law to sell your property. You should always instruct the right estate agent to sell your property. Give us a call on 01698 441327 or send us an email to sales@lanarkshireestateagents.co.uk to find out why we think we are the best choice to sell your Lanarkshire property. 

31 Aug 2023

10 Step Guide To Get The Most Value for Your Home

10 Step Guide to Help Sell Your Home Fast and Get You The Best Price There is no magic formula to guarantee getting your house sold quickly. However, to have the best chance of achieving your desired sales price and quick turnaround is to get it into the best shape possible with the key points below. Choose The Right Agent Home Report Valuation is More Accurate Than Your Estate Agents Increase Your Kerb Appeal De-Clutter and Spruce Up It's the Little Thing That Can Count Define each Room Give Them Some Space Make Outdoor Space Count Choose The Best Buyer Do You Really Need to Move? Our Estate Agent will work with you every step of the way to ensure we make selling your home as stress-free as possible. Book your free valuation with one of our friendly local agents today to get started.

31 Aug 2023


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