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18 Money Saving Tips to Help with the Rising Cost of Living

The rising cost of living is affecting everyone and online forums are buzzing with tips on how to reduce your outgoings. If you need some money-saving tips then look no further. We have rounded up our favourites here. Heat the room, not the house Turn off radiators in rooms that you are not using and consider investing in separate thermostatic controls that allow you to control the heat in individual rooms. Don't leave devices on standby 'Vampire devices' are estimated to cost the average household £147 a year. LED bulbs Switching to LED bulbs may be an expensive upfront cost but they can use up to 85% less energy to run than a traditional 60W bulb. They also tend to last significantly longer so will pay for themselves in months. One degree That is all you need to turn your thermostat down by to make savings of up to £127.70 per year according to Uswitch. Use a comparison website Check that you are on the cheapest energy tariff possible by using an online comparison website. Smart thermostats These automatically turn your heating down when you leave the house so you can avoid paying to heat your home when no-one is there. Draughts Prevent your heat from escaping and cold air from whistling in by using draught excluders to block any gaps around your doors. Don't use your tumble dryer Take advantage of the warmer days to dry your washing outside or invest in a heated drying rack for rainy days. Night time savings Check to see if your energy company charges less for energy used at particular times of the day. Many companies charge less for energy between 10pm and 5am. Don't put too much in It might seem like a sensible idea to put as much in your washing machine or tumble dryer as you can to avoid having to run it a second time but if your machine is too full then it will not only struggle to adequately wash or dry your clothes but it will also use more energy to run as it has to work harder. 30 degrees Your washing machine can use up to 50% less energy when it is run on a 30-degree cycle instead of a 40-60 degree one and experts say that your clothes will be just as clean. Eco cycles These do take longer but they are more energy efficient. Dryer balls These separate the washing inside your tumble dryer which allows the air to circulate better. This in turn helps the water to evaporate quicker. Look down Most supermarkets stock cheaper versions of items on the lower shelves so make sure that you always look down. Look for yellow stickers Supermarkets often reduce the price of stock that will shortly be going out of date throughout the day. If you are undecided about what to have for dinner this can be a great way to get a bargain. Batch cook Batch cooking saves energy as you cook several meals at once in your oven. Use your microwave to reheat these meals as it is much more energy efficient to reheat food in there than in the oven. Just a cuppa Only put as much water in your kettle as you need so that you are not wasting energy boiling water you won't use. Use your kettle to boil your cooking water before putting it in the pan as it will use less energy than a hob uses to bring the water to the boil. Bulk up Use frozen vegetables to bulk up recipes which contain mince. Lasagne, shepherd's pie and spaghetti bolognese all work well with 50/50 quantities of mince and frozen vegetables and it may even encourage your children to eat more veg. If the rising cost of living is making you consider downsizing in Lanarkshire then please do give us a call on 01698 441327 and we will be happy to help you to come to the best decision for your family.

31 Aug 2023

DIY dos and DIY don\'ts!

The sun is shining and the long Summer evenings make us feel like we have plenty of time in the day. Plenty of time to get on with all of those jobs that we kept putting off during Winter! For many of us now is the best time to get out our tools and fix things that have been bothering us and upgrade our homes.  However, you should always keep in mind that any DIY you do to your property should not just create a better and more enjoyable home for yourself and your family but should also add value to your property when you decide to sell it. You may be surprised to know that some DIY projects can actually devalue your home and DIY disasters can cost homeowners 1000s of pounds to fix.   Be realistic We all know it's tempting to try and save some money by doing jobs around our homes ourselves but if you are not particularly gifted at DIY then consider getting a professional in to help.  Start small Small jobs are a great place to start building up your skills and your confidence. Start by replacing broken light bulbs, oiling creaky hinges and fixing broken kitchen cabinet handles. If small jobs are neglected in your home then it can give the impression to visitors or potential buyers that your home is not cared for and may cause them to worry that there are bigger problems that they have not noticed.  First impressions Once you have finished all the small jobs the first thing that should get your attention is the front of your home. It is true that first impressions matter and whether you want to increase your kerb appeal in order to attract potential buyers or if you would simply like to impress your guests, the state of the front of your home is the first thing that they will see. A fresh coat of paint on your front door and a clean and tidy front path will make your home a welcoming place to visit. Not convinced? Good kerb appeal can add 2-3% to the value of your home! Bathrooms Beware of removing baths in favour of trendy wet rooms. These can actually devalue your home as properties without baths are less attractive to families. This will decrease the pool of people your home attracts which means less competition for your property which can lead to a lower sale price.   No DIY   If you are no good at DIY and can't afford to hire the help of professionals then there are many things that you can do to improve your home that require no DIY skills at all. Decluttering your home can have a huge effect on the feel of your home as can a deep clean.  If you are considering a big DIY project or major renovation then do give us a call on 01698 441327 to discuss how it will affect your property price. Not all projects will add value to your home and you should also be aware of the maximum price that your properties will sell for in your area to avoid spending more than you can recoup.  We are always happy to give you our professional opinion on any renovation plans that you may have so please do give us a call on 01698 441327.

31 Aug 2023

Six reasons people are not buying your home that might surprise you

A recent survey revealed the top six things that can put potential buyers off of your home and they are not all as obvious as you might think. Clutter Clutter can make rooms feel smaller and is very off putting to buyers especially if they have to step over or go around it. Take some time to declutter your property. If you cannot bear to let go of items then consider renting a storage unit to put some of your things in until you move. Dirt You cannot clean too much when you are preparing your home for a viewing. Potential buyers are trying to envisage whether they can see themselves living in your property. Yes, dirty properties can be cleaned but most people find it hard to conjure up an image of what something can look like. So make sure that the image that you provide for them is a clean and welcoming one. Clingy Sellers Of course you are anxious to know how a viewing is going and want to make sure that the potential buyers are shown all of the most charming parts of your property. However, sellers that loiter during a viewing are more likely to put buyers off than encourage them to make an offer. This is because potential buyers need to have the opportunity to visualise themselves living in your property and that is much harder if the current homeowner is standing right in front of them constantly reminding them of the life that they are living in the property. Smells Unpleasant odours are a big no no for potential buyers. Make sure that you take the time to find the source of any unpleasant odours and deal with them. While you may be tempted to burn your favourite scented candle, be aware that no scent, however strong, can mask an unpleasant odour. Instead you end up with a mix of the two scents which can be highly unpleasant. Fresh air is the most attractive scent to buyers so make sure that your property has been well aired before any viewings. The Goldilocks Effect If a potential buyer feels too hot or too cold it will affect their perception of your home. You don't want them to think of your property as 'the cold house' or 'the hot house'. You want them to be as comfortable as possible during the viewing. 21°C is an ideal temperature, so consider adjusting your thermostat accordingly a couple of hours before each viewing. Your estate agent Rude and unhelpful agents don't only annoy potential buyers, they may put them off of purchasing your property completely. Take some time when selecting your agent to talk to them about the local area and their experience of selling similar properties like yours. If you don't find them to be knowledgeable and approachable then your potential buyers won't either and it is important that when you leave them alone with your potential buyers during viewings that they have the social skills to be able to turn a potential buyer into an offer. If you would like more advice on what you can do to present your property in its best light during viewings or are considering selling in the Lanarkshire area and would like a free no obligation valuation then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01698 441327.

31 Aug 2023

How to make sure that your plants don\'t suffer if you have a hosepipe ban

We've all been enjoying the recent hot weather. However, water companies have struggled to keep up with demand during such a prolonged dry period resulting in them imposing a hosepipe ban in many parts of the country. For many of us our gardens are our pride and joy and a well-kept garden can add a significant amount to the value of our homes. So how can you make sure that your plants don't wither without a daily soaking from your hosepipe? Compost Adding compost to your borders and pots will increase your soil's capacity to hold water. It also has the dual benefit of protecting your plants from heavy downpours should the weather suddenly turn.  Don't mow your lawn Freshly cut grass loses more moisture than uncut grass so reduce how often you mow your lawn to help it to retain moisture. When you do choose to mow it make sure that you do it during the coolest part of the day and leave it longer than you normally would so that it can provide shade to the soil. That will help to reduce the amount of moisture that will evaporate from the soil.  Mulch Stop soil from drying out by placing a layer of mulch on top of it. This will stop it from being directly exposed to the sun. It will also help to keep the soil moist after watering. Freshly cut grass makes a brilliant mulch so instead of popping it in your compost when you finish mowing your lawn pop it on your borders instead.  Choose your pots wisely Unsealed terracotta pots allow water to evaporate from the soil. Black plastic pots heat up in the sunshine drying the soil inside them out faster than lighter coloured pots. To combat moisture loss choose sealed terracotta pots or buy a specialised sealer to seal your pots. Water in the morning It can be tempting to give your plants an entire watering can full of water after a long hot day, however on hot days the best thing to do is actually to water them early in the morning. This is because if roots are left sitting in water all night they can start to rot. Also if water remains on the leaves overnight it can cause fungi to grow. On particularly hot days the best thing you can do for your plants is to water them early but thoroughly so that the soil has the best chance possible to stay moist for as long as possible. This will give your plants the best chance of staying hydrated throughout the day.  If you would like to know how much value your beautiful garden is adding to your home in Lanarkshire please give us a call on 01698 441327 and we will be delighted to give you a free no obligation valuation.

31 Aug 2023

How to make moving home less stressful

Moving home is an emotional time. You may be sad to be leaving your old home but at the same time be excited about moving into your new one. Finding the right home for you and your family can be a stressful experience and then just when you have finished jumping through all of the necessary hoops and signing all of the paperwork the most stressful part of all begins, moving! However, with a little bit of planning you can help to reduce some of the moving day stress and make moving into your new home a more enjoyable experience.  Start now If you are reading this blog then it is likely that you are either fast approaching your moving day, are actively looking to move or are considering moving. Whichever of these best describes you it is never too early to start getting ready to move. The best way to start is to get decluttering. It's easy to think that you have lots of time and everyone loves a bit of procrastination but the sooner that you start dealing with all of your excess clutter the less stressed you will be in the long run as you will have less to pack.  Get ahead If you really can't bear to get rid of some of your belongings but also know that you won't need them before you move then why not take the opportunity to get ahead with your packing and pop them in a box so that they are ready to go. Measure Will your furniture fit in your new home? If not then paying to move it will be a waste of money and finding out now will be less stressful than finding out on moving day. If you have sentimental attachment to any particular piece then see if a family member would like to use it until you move again otherwise see it as an opportunity to start afresh in your new home. Label it Clearly labelling each box with its destination and contents will make it easier for the removal company (or you) to know which room to put each box in on moving day. If you unexpectedly need something before you move and have already packed it then clear labels will make it easier to find it too. The same applies when you are in your new home and need something before you have finished unpacking.  The night before Pack yourself a bag with your important paperwork, identity documents, daily medication, toiletries, chargers and a change of clothes. You may find that you are too tired on the first evening in your new home to start unpacking so make sure that you have everything you need to be able to comfortably spend the first night in your new home in that bag.  Try to relax Moving day can be stressful. Try to avoid putting extra pressure on yourself by setting yourself goals about what time you want to be in by as delays can happen, or how quickly you must unpack. By approaching the day with a relaxed attitude you will be much more resilient to and therefore less stressed if any hiccups occur. Just focus on how you are going to feel at the end of the day when you are settled in your lovely new home and use that feeling to help carry you through the stresses of the day. If you are thinking of moving in Lanarkshire and would like more advice on moving home then please do give us a call on 01698 441327.

31 Aug 2023

Five signs that it\'s the right time to downsize

People downsize for a variety of reasons. Downsizing is selling your home in order to buy a smaller one. If you are thinking about downsizing but are still not sure whether it is the right decision for you we have rounded up the top five reasons that people downsize below. Maintenance Larger houses require more work to maintain them. This isn't just limited to repairs but also weekly cleaning and basic upkeep. Maybe you are finding that you are not as mobile as you used to be, or that your priorities have changed and you would rather spend more time with family and friends rather than maintaining your home. Choosing to downsize can reduce the amount of maintenance that you have to do, freeing up your time to do more things that you enjoy. Space As families grow they need more space so over the years you will probably have moved several times to accommodate your growing family. However, once your children have grown and flown the nest you may well find that you feel like you are rattling around in a big empty home with lots of unused bedrooms. If you have more rooms than you know what to do with then it may be time to consider downsizing. Health Is maintaining your home taking its toll on your health? Or maybe you have developed some mobility issues and even with adaptations you are finding it difficult to cope with moving around in your home. A smaller property is not only easier to maintain but many people choose to downsize into a home with no stairs to assist with or prepare for potential mobility issues. How does your home make you feel? You should feel happy, safe and comfortable in your home. If these are not the feelings that your home elicits from you then you should definitely be considering moving. This is particularly true if being in your home makes you feel sad, lonely or scared. While moving will not automatically solve all of your problems, a fresh start in a new community may give you the opportunity to make new friends and feel safer. Bills The larger the property, the bigger the bills. The sharp increases in energy bills and the rising cost of living may be making you consider downsizing to reduce the size of your bills and make your monthly outgoings more sustainable. Alternatively if you have recently retired or if you or your partner have started to reduce your working hours then you may quickly find that your outgoings have started to outweigh your incomings. Downsizing can help to make your bills more manageable. Choosing to downsize can be an emotional decision. If you would like to have an honest and sympathetic discussion about whether downsizing is right for you please give us a call on 01698 441327.

31 Aug 2023

How can sellers make the most of the Summer rush?

Summer is a great time to sell your property. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Summer galvanises homebuyers as they realise that if they wish to be in their new homes by Christmas they need to find their new home fast. So what can you do to take advantage of the busiest period of the year for the housing market? Viewings You don't have to press pause on selling your property just because you are on holiday. If you are happy for your estate agent to conduct viewings in your absence then you can just leave them a key and let them get on with it. You can decide if you'd like them to call you and tell you about any offers that have been made while you are away or if you would like them to wait to tell you until you get home. Alternatively if you would prefer for viewings to be done when you are around but think having them scattered throughout the school summer holidays will be a bit too stressful why not talk to your estate agent and ask if they can arrange for them all to happen on a few set dates. Children The summer holidays are busy for estate agents and even busier for parents. If you are concerned about being able to manage keeping your home ready to view while your children are at home try involving them in the task. Talk to them about why you are moving and the advantages of doing so and encourage them to take on the responsibility of keeping an area, like their bedroom, clean and tidy. If you need to bribe them with extra pocket money or treats promise no-one will think less of you! Outdoor areas A survey by financialreporter.co.uk revealed that a garden and/or outdoor space was at the top of 92% of homebuyer's wishlists and Summer is the perfect time of the year to show off yours. So make sure that your garden is looking its best by keeping paths weeded, hedges and lawns trimmed, and that you take advantage of summer blooms to fill your garden with bright and welcoming colour. It doesn't take long for a lawn to get out of hand or for weeds to start to encroach on your flower borders so if you are going on holiday and will be away for more than a week consider employing a gardener to keep on top of it while you are away. This is a particularly good idea if your estate agent will be conducting viewings while you are away. Surveys Have you already accepted an offer and don't want your holiday to delay or derail your sale? If you are happy for a surveyor to come round while you are away then make sure that you leave a key with your estate agent for them to pick up. This can avoid any delays with your buyer's mortgage application and help to make sure that both you and your buyer can be settled in your new homes by Christmas. If you would like to discuss how we can help you to sell your home in Lanarkshire this Summer so that you can be in your new home by Christmas please give us a call on 01698 441327.

31 Aug 2023

Lanarkshire Property Market Report June 2022

The school summer holidays are upon us and the increased presence of the entire family at home makes many people start to think about whether their current home is still suitable for their needs. For example, you may discover that you need more space now your children are bigger or perhaps you would like a bigger garden for when your grandchildren visit. Perhaps you would prefer to live somewhere quieter now your own children are grown. If you are thinking about moving, be aware that if you want to be settled into your new home in time for Christmas, you need to be considering putting your property on the market now. It takes between four to eight weeks to purchase a property in Scotland. However, add to that the time it takes to get your property ready to go on the market, perfect the marketing, show people around, and negotiate an offer, and you can see why you need to get on with it now in order to allow yourself to be settled in by Christmas. Let's have a brief look at what's been happening over the last month in the local property market around Lanarkshire. There are currently 200 properties available on the market in the area. The month prior there were 188. This suggests properties are not selling with quite the speed they were last month. However, there were 116 new properties that came to the market in May. In June, there were 130. This could explain the reason for the higher number of available properties as there were more to choose from. In June, 125 sales were agreed. The month before, 107 sales were agreed. These figures are what we would expect to see considering the different numbers available on the market in both months. The number of price reductions doubled May to June.  There are 17 slow movers on the market in the Lanarkshire area. This means a property that has been on the market for 12 weeks or more. In May, there were 21 so some of those properties have either sold now or come off the market.  A slow mover can happen because of several reasons. For example, poor presentation of the property - either internally or the photos/video, reliance on one marketing channel, or it can be because the price isn't correct for the current market. In May, each property in the Lanarkshire area had average daily views on Rightmove per property of 244. This is the average of the top ten agents in the area. Some agents are only averaging 79 per property per day. It really can make a difference to your chances of selling your home by choosing the right agent. Our average daily views in June were 310, which we are so pleased about for our clients.  Read more about how to choose the right estate agent in Lanarkshire for your home and your circumstances here. The market has slowed a little, and there are suggestions that it may slow further so now is the time to sell, especially if you wish to be in your new home before Christmas. If you're looking for further information about the Lanarkshire property market, or if you're thinking of selling or buying in the area, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can call 01698 441327 or email sales@lanarkshireestateagents.co.uk.

31 Aug 2023

How to make moving house stress free for your children

Moving house is very exciting. Choosing an area to live in, whittling down your list of priorities for your new home and then putting together a shortlist of properties can be very exhilarating. However, it is easy in the midst of this excitement to forget that the decisions you are making do not only affect you but your children as well. Children can often feel overwhelmed and apprehensive about something as big as a house move. That is why it is important to involve them as much as possible from the start.  Over the years we have helped hundreds of families find their dream homes in Lanarkshire and have picked up a few tips on how to help your children feel involved and become as enthused about moving as you are. Everyone is apprehensive about things they do not know about or understand so take the time to explain to your children why you are moving: is it for a bigger garden, more space or because you wish to live in a more convenient location? Explain the benefits of moving to them and don't forget to listen to their concerns and opinions.  Giving them some autonomy over the choice of the paint colour or furniture for their new room can give them a sense of having some control in this new adventure which will help to make it feel less scary and out of their control. First viewings are best attended without your little ones, obviously, this is not always possible and they are always welcome. However, my reason for suggesting this is simply because you may decide a property may be completely unsuitable for you but your child may decide the opposite so will be disappointed when you disagree.  Leaving your little ones at home will also mean that you can concentrate on the viewing without your child trying to hold a conversation with you at the same time or you having to worry about what your children are touching. We have all been there! Choosing to take your children on second viewings when you have already decided that the property is a contender allows you to involve them in the selection process and runs less risk of disappointing them if you don't choose the property they have set their hearts on.  Finally, on moving day make sure that you pack their most treasured belongings into a bag that they can keep hold of. Avoiding a panic about where their favourite cuddly toy is will make the day a lot less stressful for them and give them the comfort of knowing that whilst everything in the rest of the house is packed in boxes they are still able to cuddle and play with the things that make them feel safe. We are always delighted to help your children feel involved in the process of finding their new home. If you would like us to help find the perfect property for your whole family in the Lanarkshire area please just give us a call on 01698 441327

31 Aug 2023

How To Kick Start The Selling Process

There are a number of important steps you should take before selling your home. When you decide to put your home on the market there are a number of people you should contact, we are here to give you useful tips on how to start the selling process. We want to help you kick start the legal process. Get a property valuation Once you have decided you want to sell your home you can instruct an estate agent to value your property, this will ensure you know what you can expect to achieve. Contact a solicitor If you do not already have a solicitor now would be a good time to find the right one to suit your needs. In order to sell your property and kick start the legal process you will need a solicitor to carry out the conveyancing. Your solicitor will check over your title deeds. They will also inform you if there are other authorities you need to contact about the sale of your home. A solicitor is also important after you have sold your property as this is when majority of the conveyancing takes place. If you need a solicitor and are not sure where to turn contact our sister company Lanarkshire Law Practice. They offer a 5 star service and have experts available to ensure the sale of your home is stress free. Home Report One of the first things you must do before putting your property on the market is get a home report. A home report is there to give not only potential buyers, but yourself as a seller more information about the condition of your home. The Home Report has three documents: The property questionnaire, and the single survey are completed by yourself (the seller). The energy report and full Home report are prepared by a chartered surveyor.  Things to consider Before putting your home up for sale you should: Contact a mortgage lender to see how much money is needed to pay off your current mortgage. A mortgage advisor can also advise you of your affordability when buying a new home. Read over your home report carefully and consider whether it's worth doing any repairs, maintenance or redecorating Make sure your solicitor knows about any changes you've ever made to the house. If you have previously added onto your home then it is important to notify your solicitor and give proof of your planning permission. Check out more tips on how to sell your home here: https://lanarkshireestateagents.co.uk/how-to-sell-your-home https://www.facebook.com/LanarkshireLawEstateAgents https://www.facebook.com/LanarkshireLaw

31 Aug 2023

Sell Your Home This Summer

We appreciate that selling your home can be stressful especially as you don't sell a property every day. Lanarkshire Law Estate Agents are here to share our knowledge and take the stress out of selling your home. Here's why you should sell your home this summer. Supply And Demand It's no secret that the property market is booming. Sellers are achieving excellent prices for their home, with buyers heavily outweighing sellers. Properties are flying off the market leaving many disappointed buyers, and this is one of the reasons you should sell your home this summer. With buyers outweighing sellers you are more likely to have more people looking to view your home, which most often than not results in more people offering to buy your home. If you have several parties interested you can set a closing which encourages buyers to go in with their best and final price, meaning you get the best outcome. Competition With buyer demand being so high it results in less competition when selling your home. As you get towards the end of summer and the school holidays are in full swing the market tends to quieten down which can be a great opportunity to get your house on the market. At the start of summer, you may find yourself up against those properties that didn't sell over the spring, possibly due to them being overpriced. Take this into consideration when deciding what price to market your property at. Viewings With the lighter nights creeping in and longer days, it allows more time for viewings. No one wants to view a property in the dead of night. Selling your home in the summer months allows more time for viewings. Natural Light The majority of house hunters are drawn to "light and bright" homes, your property will show its best during those sunny summer months with natural light shining in. In addition, summertime also typically means the grass is green, the air is clearer, and people tend to be happier. Summer Kerb Appeal Boosting your property's kerb appeal can help you sell your home during any month. It is especially important during those summer months to ensure your garden looks its best. Sweep the paths, trim the bushes, pull up weeds, paint add some plant pots.  Potential buyers will want to envision themselves enjoying those summer months in the garden, by increasing your kerb appeal you are making your property much more appealing. See more on Kerb Appeal here- https://lanarkshireestateagents.co.uk/top-tips-for-curb-appeal/ Estate Agent If you want to get the best price for your home this summer, chose a reputable Estate Agent with local knowledge. Lanarkshire Law Estate agents are here to take the stress out of selling your home, we want to get the best outcome for all our clients. Book your free property valuation now and sell your home with LLEA this summer. Legal Matters For most people the buying and selling of their home is one of the most important legal transactions they will enter into and it can be a stressful time too. Don't forget to contact our sister company Lanarkshire Law Practice for all your conveyancing needs. https://lanarkshireestateagents.co.uk/property-valuation https://www.facebook.com/LanarkshireLawEstateAgents https://www.facebook.com/LanarkshireLaw

31 Aug 2023

Top Tips For Curb Appeal

Spring is fast approaching and with those lighter nights creeping in you want to ensure everything is looking its best. Start your spring clean by getting the curb appeal. First impressions really are everything, and what your home looks like from the outside can say a lot about what it may look like from the inside. If you're fortunate enough to have a house with a garden, It is super important to have the curb appeal. You'd be amazed how many buyers turn up, see a messy garden, dirty windows or a front door that needs painting and just keep on walking past. Clean Up Cleaning up your garden may seem like a never ending chore, but it doesn't have to take forever to get your garden looking fresh and tidy. By simply taking out the weeds in your garden it can make a huge difference to the curb appeal. It really can have your garden looking great. Take Care Of Your Grass An overgrown garden can look untidy, pick up any lose branches/leaves and give your grass a good trim. By simply cutting your grass it can make your garden look a lot tidier giving it that curb appeal. Don't forget trimming the edges of your grass! Get out that strimmer and some sheers and give it a good trim. Clean Garden Furniture Wiping away those cobwebs and dirty marks is a two second job but really makes a huge impact. Take a couple of minutes to wipe down all your garden furniture. If you really want to go the extra mile you could add a lick of paint. Freshen Up Your Pots And Planters If you have any plants consider removing old soil and dead plants to make way for new ones. If you don't have a green thumb you can always buy some fakes to add a splash of colour to the garden. Windows Get out that window cleaning kit and give your windows a good clean, you'd be amazed how much of an effect clean windows can have to the curb appeal of your house. https://www.instagram.com/lanarkshireestateagent https://www.facebook.com/LanarkshireLawEstateAgents

31 Aug 2023


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